Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Reboot your Safaricom Huawei Router Remotely

Tests done on Huawei HG8245H and HG8145V EchoLife Router models. 

Script Replication Steps

  1. Login to your Router and do the whole reboot process manually while proxying the traffic via Burp Suite.
  2. Note down the following Parameters.
    • Login URL
    • Headers
    • Form Data (Cookie, UserName, PassWord, Language, x.X_HW_Token)
    • Rand Count URL
    • Device Reboot URL 
    • Reboot Parameters 
  3. Try to write a Python script to Login then later Reboot the device using Python Requests Library

Form Params

Get Rand Count

Reboot Params

Script: https://github.com/e13olf/Huawei-EchoLife-Router-Reboot-Script
The Script can save you a few seconds depending on how far or lazy you are away from the router.
Yes! I understand that you could just as well login through the browser and reboot the router without a need for a script.


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